Wine Widgy, LLC is a family-run and family developed company built around an elegantly simple solution to a problem many people didn't know they had. Based in the great State of Michigan where recreational boating is a way of life for many people, we provide a simple product which enhances that experience. Wine is a drink meant to be enjoyed out of a stemmed glass. Traditional stemware struggles to find a place on the boat. This has led to many spills and compromises. Our product, the Wine Widgy, allows wine to be enjoyed as it is meant to be while out on the water. We are a wife and husband, son and daughter who share a love of boating, wine, and enjoying them together. We'll see you on the water. Cheers!

Current Management Team

Amy Krzyzaniak, PT, DPT, CSCS. Wine WidgyTM Inventor. I have pursued this invention from concept to production, marketing and its debut at the 2014 Detroit Boat Show. As First Mate, I serve as product tester and social chair.

Len Krzyzaniak, Attorney at Law. My husband has a vast knowledge of writing legal descriptions, analyzing contracts and leases and always serves as Boat Captain!

Zach Krzyzaniak, Attorney at Law. My son is starting his legal career with a 20somethings' knowledge of the internet with online opportunites and websites available for use. He is the editor and co-writer of our business plan and in charge of company communications

Kelsey Krzyzaniak, future PAC. My daughter serves as model, style consultant, product tester and general 'bouncer' of ideas.