Fun Facts about boating and wine…

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association, of the 238 million adults in the United States, 34.8% participated in boating in 2011 (latest statistics available) and there were more than 16.35 million boats in use. The Great Lakes Region had the greatest number of registered recreational boaters in the country. Michigan ranked third behind Florida and Minnesota and was followed by California and Wisconsin. They don’t call us the Great Lakes State for nothing! As every boater owner knows, the boat is just the start. New statistics on marine aftermarket accessories (motors, trailers and small accessories) purchased also put Michigan third in the country. These necessities tallied a whopping $4.0 billion in 2011. So as you can see, this is a BIG industry!

Now….about wine. According to Wine Enthusiast Magazine and the Wine Market Council, wine sales have grown steadily over the past 19 years. In fact, 35% of the population drinks wine in some amount. Baby Boomers are the largest consumers (and the greatest number of boaters), but the millennials are the largest growing demographic (21-36 year olds).

According to these sources, people are finding more occasions and venues to partake in wine, however when googling wine drinking and boating, there is a large void. I believe it is due to the difficulty of storing wine safely on a boat as well as the challenge of using a traditional wine glass. This is apparent when reading the educated blogs posted on The blogger points out the challenges of storing and drinking wine while boating and describes the current available ‘solutions’ but admits none are perfect. I think, the Wine Widgy may have just filled this void and will allow these two great pastimes to be enjoyed together! Remember… Sip it, don’t tip it!