Wine Widgy, LLC is a family-run and family developed company built around an elegantly simple solution to a problem many people didn't know they had. We are a wife and husband, son and daughter who share a love of boating, wine, and enjoying them together. Based in the great state of Michigan where recreational boating is a way of life for many people, we provide a simple product which enhances that experience. Our product, the Wine WidgyTM, allows wine to be enjoyed as it is meant to be while out on the water. Wine is meant to be enjoyed out of a stemmed glass. Traditional cupholders are not made to securely accommodate wine glass stems leading to tipping and spilling. This has led to more than one angry Captain and ruined beach coverups! The Wine WidgyTM is a 3½ inch diameter EVA foam disc that slips around a wine glass stem to secure it into a standard cup holder on a boat. The Widgy is made to accommodate a variety of stem diameters and wine glass styles. Sip it, don’t tip it!